The weekend has come and gone and with it, a successful 2nd MoC Grand Prix. And what an event it turned out to be! A huge thank you to all the determined athletes who turned up and put their best feet forwards on the track and field. And also a massive well done to the MoC team that made it all happen. Did you know that the 2 day event was organised in the space of a week! The competition was made further possible by the kind donations of previous Nigerian athletes who generously contributed to the prize money that was available for some of the events of the Grand Prix.

Despite the forlorn wet weather that threatened to overshadow the 1st day of events, athletes from all over the country participated in droves and took advantage of the competitive atmosphere to improve their personal bests, season’s bests and general athletic condition. Well done to all the winners and partakers of the events. The sun decided to shine times 2 on the second day of the event, to make up for its lack of appearance the day before. Luckily, no competing athletes suffered from heat stroke thanks to the provision of mountains of water by Nestle for the event.

On another note, the Physio booth!  I had such a great experience managing the booth and it gave me a chance to meet and get to know lots of athletes I had seen from a distance, at previous competitions. I certainly did not expect the sheer number of athletes that would put the booth to use. It truly became a full on walk-in service. Myself and our in house masseur would have been swamped, had it not been for the assistance of our volunteer physio and Lagos state medical team. So another massive thank you to them for their presence at the Grand Prix.

And lastly, a huge thank you to all the athletes who utilised the physio booth service and made my first MoC experience one to remember. I’m still knackered from the busyness of the booth, but it was worth it! We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did.




Kehinde Adeyo is a Physiotherapist at Making of Champions. She grew up in the UK and received her BSc in Physiotherapy from King’s College London, before specialising in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Kehinde currently resides in Lagos and with her wealth of experience, she now specialises in Sports prehabilitation, rehabilitation and is also an accredited Acupuncturist. When she isn’t too busy geeking over manga and anime, she is an avid lover of all things yoga and is steadily trying to familiarise herself with the city of Lagos! Keep your eyes peeled for her weekly Sports therapy posts called The Body Mechanic.


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