About Track Club


At the very core of Making of Champions is the firm belief that Nigeria can become the No. 1 Track & Field nation in the world within five years. As such, we launched Nigeria’s first professional Track Club in 2016, to lead the way in the revival of Naija Athletics!


Our immediate goal is to train Athletes to a world-class level here in Nigeria, to ensure that we become a dominant force in World Athletics by the 2020 Olympics (Project Tokyo)! We have recruited Olympic Medallist Coaches to lead the charge in finding and producing the best talent in Nigeria, and will train locally-based coaches to equip them to train athletes across the nation.


  • To produce world-class athletes in Nigeria
  • To provide and ensure good nutrition, medical and physiotherapy for our Athletes
  • To provide guidance to our Athletes on their education and personal development
  • To provide career management services for our Athletes as they grow in prominence and stature on the national, continental and global stages
  • To prepare our Athletes for a life and career after competing, particularly as the future coaches, analysts and officials for Track & Field in Nigeria!
  • To train coaches in Nigeria to give them to expertise and know-how to discover and develop the best talents in the nation at the grassroots level
  • To seek funding through club sponsorships and other fund-raising activities