Making of Champions – The Series

Such is the depth of the story of Nigerian Athletics, that a feature length film barely scratches the surface of this amazing story. “The History” is not the end of the story – it’s just the beginning. There are many unanswered questions, like how did African sprint queen Blessing Okagbare rise from obscurity in Nigeria to become the world-class athlete she is today, how come half of Team GB in Athletics is of Nigerian origin, and how has a Jamaican High School named after a city in Nigeria won their CHAMPS over 20 times in their 100-year history?

We’ll explore the origins of some of Nigeria’s greatest athletes of all time, such as Francis Obikwelu, and we will also shine the spotlight on rising stars for Nigeria, such as 2-time 400m National Champion, Regina George! Can Nigeria reclaim the glory of times past? What needs to be done for us to get there?

The Science behind Sprinting

We will also explore the claims made in recent documentaries that the trans-Atlantic slave trade from Africa to the Americas has helped its descendants, like the Jamaicans and Americans, to evolve into the world’s fastest people. Is there any truth to this widely believed claim, or does Nigeria have what it takes to become the world’s dominating force in Track and Field, if we so desire? We have traversed the globe to meet leading Sports Geneticists and Athletics Executives who believe global supremacy in Athletics is Nigeria’s for the taking!


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