Are you a student and an aspiring athlete looking for the opportunity of a lifetime to further your Athletics career in Nigeria while pursuing your secondary and university education? Are you looking for a Coach & a Team that can help you go much further than you could have ever imagined in the world of Track & Field?

Well look no further, as Making of Champions (MoC), Nigeria’s leading Sports Media & Management Company, will be holding ‘Closed Trials’ from September through to November, to unearth Nigeria’s next generation of Top Sprinters whom we can recruit to MoC Track Club to start training them to hopefully represent Nigeria at the 2020 & 2024 Olympics and beyond!

All year at MoC, we’ve been inundated with nearly daily messages from aspiring athletes all over Nigeria, hoping for an opportunity to be part of MoC Track Club.

Thanks to the great support we’ve received from our 2017 Track Club & Media Sponsors Eroton Exploration & Production, we’ve now launched an online application to allow any Athletes between the ages of 14 and 18 to register their interest for a 2-hour Closed Trial with one of our Olympic Medallist Coaches at either our Lagos Track Club or Port-Harcourt Track Club!

When you’re ready to apply for a place at one of our Closed Trials, please follow this link to do so:


Please do note that, unlike our Top Sprinter Auditions & Championships over the last 2 years, these Closed Trials are NOT Competitions. Our Closed Trials will be an opportunity to train with an Olympic Medallist (Deji Aliu or Uchenna Emedolu) as they assess your potential to become an Athlete at MoC Track Club!

Please do note that ALL our Closed Trials will be INVITATION ONLY. We have a very limited number of spaces at each Closed Trial, therefore please do note that we may not be able to invite every single Athlete who applies. As such, please do make sure you fill the form carefully, and you may add any Optional information at the end that you feel may support your application.

We will respond to your application within 2 weeks IF you are selected for a Trial, and we will give you at least 1 week’s notice to attend the Trial.

For any Athlete that eventually is invited to join MoC Track Club, you’ll also have a chance to be part of our Student-Athlete Scholarship, in which your Education and Training could be fully sponsored by one of our growing list of Corporate Sponsors, to help you complete your Secondary or University Education in Nigeria while training to become an Olympian!

Currently we have 5 Athletes who have been awarded Scholarships and our Sponsors include Shell (SNEPCo), ARCO Group, ND Western Limited and Niger Delta E & P.

If you’d like to learn more about MoC Track Club and the Student-Athlete Scholarship, do check out this video, and don’t delay – apply now for a chance to be part of one of our Closed Trials while you still have the opportunity!





  1. Good morning…I work in a school and run an athletic sqard for young boys and girls. How do I get them involved in this programme. Ages from 15- 10 years with times like 12.55 – 14.00.

    • Hello John,

      thanks for your message. We will need the profiles of the individual athletes, as we may not be able to invite all of them.

      Please can you send us the profiles of your 3 fastest boys and 3 fastest girls by filling the online form on their behalf?

      Please make sure you write your name and phone number under the Coach details for each of them, and we would call you on Monday to discuss a suitable time for you to bring your kids for a Trial! Many thanks


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