Lately, I have developed a weekly clinic with the athletes that enables me to assess and treat any of their physical conditions with less time constraints. This has been so beneficial because I am really getting to focus on and dig into the causes of some of the repetitive injuries that are sustained on the track. Another thing in particular, I like about this clinic aside from being able to delve deeper into our athletes rehabilitation is that I get to know the athletes a bit better and develop a one to one rapport with them individually, which is  This week, during a one to one assessment session, I got the chance to run an impromptu interview with one of our athletes, Favour Ekpekpe and with his blessing, below are the standout quotes from the session.


How did you become a member of MoC?

”It all started when I was in School. There was this Africare program that Shell was sponsoring and it so happened that our school was one of five schools the event was based in. So on a particular day, the 5 schools involved in the program came together and competed against each other. It was from that competition that someone from MoC saw me. When I got back home, I was invited to come for the U18 and U20 trials MoC was hosting at Abuja. My performance there was okay so Coach Deji and I talked and it all started from there.”


That’s ironic, because you are now sponsored by Shell.

Laughs ”Yes it is.”


What has their support meant to you?

”The support from Shell means a lot to me because I don’t have to worry about how I’m gonna travel to competitions or who’s gonna take care of my feeding and other expenses. All I need to worry about is how to train and run fast, so it makes everything easier to handle because there’s less burden on my shoulders.”


What has been your favorite thing about this athletic season so far?

”My favorite thing about this season so far is, in all my competitions  this year, I always run a faster time and set new PBs.”


What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

”For my next competition before the end of the season, which is the ECOWAS games in Niger from the 25th of July till the 27th, I set a target which is that I want to run under 21 seconds and I really want to achieve that. I’m glad I have the opportunity to try to do that at this next competition.


What are your hopes and dreams for next season?

”My hopes and dreams for next season is to be part of the IAAF World Junior Championships and also getting the gold medal in the 200m event and if possible the 100m also. I also hope to qualify for the Olympics.”


In the world of athletics,  who do you look up to?

Laughs ”The question is actually funny because of course everyone looks up to Bolt and it’s not as if I don’t look up to him but I just… I look up to Jakpa, Jerry Jakpa, he’s my teammate. I look up to him because, I just felt this connection and likeness towards him and I’ve been looking up to him since then. And he’s hard working and gives his all in training and I felt I could work with him and look up to him for those reasons.”


What motivates you?

”My mum. I’m the eldest in my family and she has always been there for me and I know I have to pay her back for all the support she has given me. So yes my mum motivates me.”


What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

”My biggest accomplishment so far is being able to represent my country and putting on the team Nigeria Jersey.”


What are your thoughts on juggling school and athleticism?

I would say It’s not going to be easy because when I was going for tutorials, I was feeling tired and stressed out anytime I get to training. But before going back into school, I will have to find a way to try and balance both aspects because I can’t be behind on my school work.


Tell us 3 things we don’t know about you.

”I’m playful, I’m a very shy person and I talk a lot with people I know.”


What do you like to do in your free time?

”I like to watch movies during my free time and playing games on my phone.”


What are your 3 favorite foods?

Laughs. ”Jollof rice is my favorite, then beans and plantain, Ugu with rice and finally spaghetti.”


For you, what are the three best things about being a member of MoC’s track and field club?

”The care and support, the training sessions and the motivation from my teammates and coaches.”


Thank you Favour for taking part in this interview.

”No problem Ma.”

So, that’s the long and short of my interview with Favour this week. Hope you have gotten a little bit of an insight and feel a bit more in the know about this rising star. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get used to being called ‘Ma’!


Kehinde Adeyo is a Physiotherapist at Making of Champions. She grew up in the UK and received her BSc in Physiotherapy from King’s College London, before specialising in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Kehinde currently resides in Lagos and with her wealth of experience, she now specialises in Sports prehabilitation, rehabilitation and is also an accredited Acupuncturist. When she isn’t too busy geeking over manga and anime, she is an avid lover of all things yoga and is steadily trying to familiarise herself with the city of Lagos! Keep your eyes peeled for her weekly Sports therapy posts called The Body Mechanic.


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