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If you want to know reasons for shopping with classifieds, you have to clearly understand what classifieds are. It is a collection of adverts, you may say, and you will be right. Well, almost right. Classifieds represents a new level of advertising and shopping, which resembles a good old market which moved to the Internet.

Classifieds in nigeria_jiji

Classifieds are familiar to us from newspapers, which were completely devoted to adverts. You have probably opened those at least once. But as any other media data, classifieds have successfully found their way to the Internet space. Here they became longer and more detailed. For instance, on, every advert provides complete information about specifications of a particular item and its photo. It wasn’t possible in newspapers, where you have to pay for every line.

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Some will admit that buying at real market or store is much better, because you can see what you are going to purchase with your own eyes and touch it with your hands. And the most precious thing is live communication. However, personal communication is what matters the most on Moreover, besides saving you a lot of time and money, it allows posting adverts absolutely for free! And you have to pay a rent at real market.

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The website is used for free, and it is available all over the country. As a result, Jiji keeps growing and developing. Now we are classifieds No.1 in Nigeria with over 10,000,000 monthly visitors and over 520,000 active ads. Those are not just some impressive numbers. It is the best evidence of why you should start shopping with classifieds and

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Here you will be definitely satisfied with the selection of items. You will easily understand how to deal with a smart interface, even in case you never used classifieds before. In addition to this, Jiji is reliable and takes care of your safety and security.

Those are our reasons for shopping with classifieds. Try it out and tell us about yours!

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