The IAAF World Relays and World Championships were some of the key events that dominated the Athletics scene in 2015, and Making of Champions was at both events LIVE to bring exclusive content to our followers.

Last year we reached over 1 million lifetime views of our website and YouTube Channel combined, and it’s no coincidence that some of our most watched videos originated from these two championships.

Today we present to you the Top 6 Athletics Moments in 2015 as ranked by the collective views these videos have garnered on YouTube!

1. Nigerian Reporter Tells Usain Bolt he won the 100m because “Gatlin Made a Mistake”!

The fans reaction to this video was a mixed grill; some loved it, while others loathed it. The series started with our reporter telling Bolt that he capitalized on Gatlin’s ‘mistake’ to win the 100m final at the World Championships in Beijing. What?? The disbelief on his face is evident!

Of course the world’s fastest man EVER didn’t take that comment lying low, and had to prove to our reporter and other ‘doubters’ that he was still in charge, going on to win the 200m with his first sub-20s run of the season, and the 4x100m relay as well.

At their next meeting, he had a comeback for our reporter. It’s no wonder that the six YouTube videos on this have amassed a whopping 300,000 views and counting, and tops our list of most watched videos.



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