MTN's Senior Manager, Brand, Media and Sponsorships, Friday Okuwe, and Manager, Sponsorships, Njide Ken-Odugwu with the Silver Ticket winners to the Abuja Grand Final.

A provisional list announcing MTN CHAMPS’ Team MVP Top 40 athletes has been released ahead of the MTN CHAMPS Final holding in Abuja from 1st to 3rd December, 2023, at the Moshood Abiola Stadium.

The 40 Most Valuable Performers (MVPs) were drawn from the first three locations where MTN CHAMPS was staged (Benin, Uyo and Ibadan). Two athletes were also handed wildcards, taking the total list of athletes to be sponsored to the Abuja Final to 42.

This Team MVP Top 40 + 2 Wildcards list is split into 5 Teams for the Grand Final, with 4 Athletes each on the Cadet Girls’ and Boys’ Teams, 7 Athletes each on the Youth Girls’ and Boys’ Teams, and 20 Athletes on the combined Junior Girls’ & Boys’ Team.

Ultimately, 17 Athletes were selected from Benin (4 Cadets, 5 Youths & 8 Juniors), 14 Athletes from Uyo (2 Cadets, 5 Youths & 7 Juniors), and 11 Athletes from Ibadan (2 Cadets, 4 Youths & 5 Juniors).

The Team MVP list is arranged by: Name, Location qualified from, and Events entered in Abuja as follows:

Team MVP Cadet Girls – 4 Athletes

Number of Entries by Event – 100m (3), 200m (3), 400m (2), 4x100m (1 Team)

Favour Ekejiuba (Benin) – 100m (13.19s), 400m (60.61s), 4x100m

Adaeze Ezeh (Benin) – 100m (12.95s), 200m (27.13s), 4x100m

Chizoba Gift Onyemauwa (Uyo) – 200m (27.41s), 400m (61.81s), 4x100m

*Faidah Lara AbdulHamed (Ibadan) – 100m (13.16s), 200m (26.85s), 4x100m

Winner of Team MVP Coaches’ 1st Wildcard – She ran under another Athlete’s name who could not attend in Ibadan and she ended up unexpectedly winning both 100m & 200m! She will also join the Semi-Final stages of both races in Abuja to prove she can repeat the feat in her own name and then join the Team MVP Cadet Girls 4x100m Relay Team in the Final

Team MVP Cadet Boys – 4 Athletes

Number of Entries by Event – 100m (3), 200m (2), High Jump (1), 4x100m (1 Team)

Lucky Ebe (Benin) – 100m (12.13s), 200m (24.68s), 4x100m

*Moses Chibuike Ogidi (Benin) – High Jump (1.40m), 4x100m

Winner of Team MVP Coaches’ 2nd Wildcard for his impeccable technique in the High Jump in Benin at the age of just 9 – he is the very youngest of all Team MVP Athletes!

Fervent Imoh (Uyo) – 100m (12.73s), 200m (24.95s), 4x100m

Olamilekan Oladapo (Ibadan) – 100m (13.09s), 4x100m

Team MVP Youth Girls – 7 Athletes

Number of Entries by Event – 100m (3), 200m (3), 400m (5), 800m (1), 4x100m (1 Team) and 4x400m (1 Team)

Divine Eke (Benin) – 400m (58.51s), 4x400m, 4x100m reserve

Success Oyibu (Benin) – 100m (12.60s), 200m (25.77s), 4x100m

Miracle Sonny (Uyo) – 100m (12.66s), 400m (56.94s), 4x100m, 4x400m

Patience Joseph (Uyo) – 400m (58.24s), 800m (2:21.59s), 4x400m

Queen Gospel (Uyo) – 200m (25.98s), 400m (60.23s), 4x100m, 4x400m reserve

Miracle Uwem (Uyo) – 400m (58.61s), 4x400m, 4x100m reserve

Azeezat Olatundun Abdul-Lateef (Ibadan) – 100m (12.57s), 200m (25.91s), 4x100m

Team MVP Youth Boys – 7 Athletes

Number of Entries by Event – 100m (3), 200m (3), 400m (3), Long Jump (1), Triple Jump (1), 4x100m (1 Team) and 4x400m (1 Team)

Michael Aniche (Benin) – 400m (52.48s), 4x400m

Anthony Lucky (Benin) – Long Jump (6.82m), Triple Jump (13.20m), 4x100m reserve

Prosper Ushie (Benin) – 400m (51.80s), 4x400m

Alvin Onyeama (Uyo) – 100m (11.36s), 200m (22.98s), 4x100m, 4x400m reserve

Kehinde Ojo (Ibadan) – 100m (11.41s), 200m (22.57s), 4x100m, 4x400m

Emmanuel Oyetunde (Ibadan) – 100m (11.43s), 4x100m

Eniola Shiro (Ibadan) – 400m (50.74s), 200m (22.12s), 4x100m, 4x400m

Team MVP Juniors (Girls & Boys) – 20 Athletes

Number of Entries by Event:

Girls – 100m (8), 200m (3), 800m (1), 100m Hurdles (1), 4x100m (2 Teams – A & B)

Boys – 100m (7), 200m (7), 400m (3), 800m (2), 4x100m (2 Teams – A & B)

Mixed – Mixed 4x400m (1 Team)

Team MVP Junior Girls – 9 Athletes

Ofure Johnbull (Benin) – 100m (12.65s), 200m (26.56s), 4x100m B

Victoria Olaniyi (Benin) – 100m (11.89s), 200m (24.10s), 4x100m A, Mixed 4x400m

Jane Chioma Onyeneho (Benin) – 100m (12.34s), 200m (25.16s), 4x100m B, Mixed 4x400m reserve

Faith Osamuyi (Benin) – 100m (12.16s), 100m Hurdles (14.63s), 4x100m A

Rosemary Edet (Uyo) – 100m (12.14s), 4x100m A

Humble Isang (Uyo) – 100m (12.62s), 4x100m B

Benita Okwudiba (Uyo) – 100m (12.75s), 4x100m B

Mariam Jegede (Ibadan) – 100m (12.02s), 4x100m A

Saibu Yetunde Olayinka (Ibadan) – 800m (2:13.85), Mixed 4x400m

Team MVP Junior Boys – 11 Athletes

Osama Chibueze (Benin) – 200m (22.69s), 4x100m B

Isaac Miracle Chukwuwike (Benin) – 400m (49.37s), 800m (1:57.97s), Mixed 4x400m

Isaac Egberebo (Benin) – 100m (11.18s), 200m (22.83s), 4x100m B

Showers Ushie (Benin) – 100m (11.14s), 200m (22.77s), 4x100m A

Uwakmfon Ekpeyong (Uyo) – 100m (11.58s), 4x100m B

Ezekiel Eno (Uyo) – 400m (49.60s), Mixed 4x400m

Edidiong Udotong (Uyo) – 400m (51.12s), 800m (2:06.07s), Mixed 4x400m reserve

Effiong Umoren (Uyo) – 100m (11.69s), 200m (23.05s), 4x100m B

Precious Oluwakayode Aina (Ibadan) – 100m (10.92s), 200m (22.12s), 4x100m A

Oluwademlade Ajayi (Ibadan) – 100m (10.99s), 200m (22.12s), 4x100m A

Kabiru Mohammed (Ibadan) – 100m (10.96s), 200m (22.07s), 4x100m A


  • All Team MVP Athletes qualify directly for the Semi-Finals of 100m and 200m AND for the Finals of all other Track & Field Events they have qualified for as outlined above (400m, 800m, High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, 4x100m, 4x400m, Mixed 4x400m)
  • All Team MVP Athletes who have qualified for just 1 individual Track Event in Abuja may enter a second one (by emailing [email protected] with their additional entry), but they must begin with the Heats for this second event in Abuja.
  • Similarly, any Team MVP Field Event Athletes qualified for Abuja in 1 or 2 Events may select up 3 Track & Field Events (emailing [email protected] with their additional entries), but must also go through the Prelims/Heats of their non-qualified Event(s).
  • Any Team MVP Athlete who doesn’t confirm their attendance for the Abuja Final by emailing [email protected] on or before Friday 24th November, or who can’t attend for any reason would be replaced by the next available Athlete on the Top 70 shortlist from Benin, Uyo and Ibadan!
  • All Parents/Guardians for Team MVP Athletes will be contacted immediately to firm up the travel itinerary for MTN Champs to sponsor their child/ward to the Grand Final in Abuja with the travel day being no later than Tuesday 28th or Wednesday 29th November ahead of the Event from 1st-3rd December.
  • As part of the requirement to be sponsored to the Abuja Grand Final, all Team MVP Athletes must be available to participate in the Relays for Team MVP as listed above.

Yemi Galadima is a Senior Sportswriter and Editor at Making of Champions. She has a bias for Athletics and was previously a Sports Reporter at the National Mirror, where she hosted a weekly column ‘On the Track with Yemi Olus’ for over two years. A self-acclaimed ‘athletics junkie’, she has covered national and international events live, such as the African Athletics Championships, African Games, Olympics and World Athletics Championships. She also freelances for World Athletics.


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