Remember the Road Warriors Club for whom running marathons is a way of life and have participated in the Access Bank Marathon since inception as well as other road races around the world? The Road Warriors held a 15km race tagged ‘#TeamDVmustfall’, which took place in Banana Island in Lagos, Nigeria.

It was an exciting race which saw two teams competing: Team 7 which comprised eight relay runners versus Team DV represented by one man! That one man was the Road Warriors Club Captain Danladi Verheijen (CEO Verod Capital). Although Team 7 won the race in 58 minutes, Verheijen achieved the extraordinary feat of running the 15km race in 59 minutes, impressing even his competitors who had to give it to him as shown in this video below:


The Road Warriors comprises about 100 professionals within Nigeria and abroad and within them, have run more than 500 marathons across prominent cities all over the world.

Verheijen who has been running for about seven years now and has run marathons in Boston, New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo and South Africa, loves to run for charity. And so the #TeamDVmustfall Challenge pushed the runners to run for a greater cause – donations towards Road Warriors’ Charity Fund.

Charity Fundraising Campaign

To participate in the fundraising campaign, you may send your donations to Road Warriors Fitness Limited with the following bank details: Diamond/Access Account Number 0053074727

Please find below the profile of the charities selected by the teams:

Obalende Technical Institute (Obalende Tech) was born out of the ongoing Obalende Goodworks Initiative started by Dayo Adegoke and a group of friends in December 2018. Since its inception, the Obalende Goodworks Initiative has provided cooked meals, dry food, shoes, clothing, computers, fitness equipment, and books to the Obalende community.

Obalende Tech is a learning and innovation center and digital fabrication facility (Fab Lab) that provides students with access to advanced manufacturing tools for learning new skills, developing inventions and nurturing a culture of innovation and making things through craftsmanship, fabrication and manufacturing.

Obalende Tech’s mission is to provide superior technical education and training to underprivileged students for globally in-demand skills in a nurturing, supportive and accessible learning environment.

Living Fountain Orphanage (LFO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter, education, and emotional care to abandoned and underprivileged children. LFO is one of the few orphanages in Lagos that takes a holistic approach to the upbringing of children in its care.  A huge emphasis is placed on the musical and athletic development of children.

The orphanage was established by the family of Dr. Raymond and Lady Bethy Obieri in 2007.  Since its inception, the orphanage has advocated for children’s rights and has placed over 200 children in loving homes. LFO’s mission is the rehabilitation and defense of abandoned and orphaned children.


Yemi Olus is a Senior Sportswriter and Editor at Making of Champions. She has a bias for Athletics and was previously a Sports Reporter at the National Mirror, where she hosted a weekly column ‘On the Track with Yemi Olus’ for over two years. A self-acclaimed ‘athletics junkie’, she has covered national and international events live, such as the African Athletics Championships, African Games and IAAF World Championships. She also freelances for World Athletics.


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