Miami Heat have taken a 3-1 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals, finishing off a very nervy last quarter that could have swung either way, going on to win the fourth game of their NBA Playoffs against Boston Celtics.

Having made comebacks in the first two games to go 2-0 up before Celtics won the third game, this was one match the Heat were on the front foot from Tip-off, but the last two minutes had them on an edge, doing it the hard way to grind out a 112-109 victory.

Miami went into the break leading by 6pts, and although they stretched their lead to 12pts at some point in the third quarter, Celtics closed the gap and finished off the third quarter trailing by just one point.

Rookie, Tyler Herro might have stolen the show for the Heat with his impressive game-high 37pts, but Bam Adebayo’s double-double was equally very crucial to ensure victory for his team.

Yet again, Adebayo made double figures, hitting 20pts and making 12rebs (more than any other player in the game.) In fact, no other player made up to 10 rebounds in the game, with Adebayo also making 4 assists and 3 steals in the game.

Semi Ojeleye saw limited action for Celtics, being on the court for just 4mins: 01s, while Gabe Vincent and KZ Okpala were inactive players for Miami Heat.

This win will give Miami Heat the courage to aim to finish off the series in their next game on Saturday, however with how close the first four games have been, Celtics will rue their misses knowing they gave away some of the games.

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