With Fantasy Diamond Race Contest of the MoC 2019 league reaching squeaky bum time, players in the league are still jostling it out on who will emerge top of the standings,but Team Khisso put spanner in the works for most players as he emerged out of the blues to win the contest in Zurich.

The player, who topped the standings in the Swiss City had played second fiddle for almost the entirety of the league until he pulled the rabbit out of the hat with a big performance in Zurich, chalking up 192 points in the process.

Abraham Ibironke,the player who triumphed last time out in Paris, followed suit with 186 points, with the tally taking him into the top 10 of the overall standings of the league.

Taking 3rd spot in Zurich is MoC Senior Sport writer Yemi Olus whose Team Pacesetters gained 177 points.

How the teams fared in the Zurich leg of the Fantasy Diamond Race Contest.

AIRTIME WINNERS for #DiamondRaceContest DAY 13

There will be ₦3,000 Airtime available to the public each Diamond League Day, so who were the Top 3 finishers on Day 13 in the MoC League who are not MoC staff, and how will the Airtime be shared?

So, who were the Top finishers on Day 13 in the MoC League who are not MoC staff, and how will the Airtime be shared?

1st – Team Khisso– 192 points

2nd – Abraham Ibironke’s Team -186 points

3rd- St. Atuye’s Team – 175 points

The prizes for the Top 3 are ₦1500, ₦1000 & ₦500 Airtime respectively, to a phone number of choice within Nigeria. If you are a winner and have not won our airtime before, kindly send an email with subject: “Airtime Redemption for #DiamondRaceContest” to [email protected]

Overall team Standings after the Zurich Diamond League.

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