This season’s Fantasy Race Contest has thrown up some interesting results, with players who have been dominant names in the top three in the past having to play second fiddle after for most of the meets.

With the Rabat Diamond League (DL) being a new entrant into the calendar of the IAAF DL, it offered a chance for some of these players to get back to reckoning as they selected athletes who are most likely to win their events and set Meeting Records (MR) in the process.

However, as fate would have it most of these athletes couldn’t win their disciplines,even worse, some of them fell down the wayside.

Despite the chaos that came with the “expected athletes” not winning their disciplines, it was Christopher Madome who excelled above the rest of the pack after selecting six winners in his team to claim victory, garnering 180 points in total.

Second place went to MoC senior sport writer, Yemi Olus who is getting into the top 3 for the first time this season, while Don Modise was third in Rabat after churning in 163 points.

How the players scored in the Rabat Fantasy Race Contest.

AIRTIME WINNERS for #DiamondRaceContest DAY 6

There will be ₦3,000 Airtime available to the public each Diamond League Day, so who were the Top 3 finishers on Day 6 in the MoC League who are not MoC staff, and how will the Airtime be shared?

So who were the Top finishers on Day 6 in the MoC League who are not MoC staff, and how will the Airtime be shared?

1st – Christopher Madome’s Team – 180 points

2nd –Don Modise’s Team – 163 points

3rd- Lawrence William West’s Team- 158 points

The prizes for the Top 3 are ₦1500, ₦1000 & ₦500 Airtime respectively, to a phone number of choice within Nigeria. If you are a winner and have not won our airtime before, kindly send an email with subject: “Airtime Redemption for #DiamondRaceContest” to [email protected]

In the mail, kindly state your name, team name and phone number,as well as the network to redeem the airtime to.

Overall standings after the Rabat Diamond League.

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