Fantasy Diamond race

The yearly IAAF Diamond league is here again. Between 5th of May and 1st September, 2017,  numerous athletic champions would be competing in various cities to take home the Diamond Trophy and thus seal their status as undisputed world number 1 and the most consistent performer of the year.

National, World and Olympic champions go head to head in over 30 event disciplines as part of the Diamond Race. The IAAF Fantasy Diamond Race offers you as an athletics lover the chance to be part of this global series by demonstrating your own knowledge of the sport and ability to predict who will perform best at each of the meetings.

In the same light, Making of Champs will be rewarding top performers with amazing giveaway prizes every week. Just like the athletes on the track and in the field, success in the Fantasy Diamond Race is all about consistency over the whole of the season and it’s your job to scrutinise the start lists to pick NINE athletes at each IAAF Diamond League meeting who you think have what it takes to make the top of the podium.

To maximize your chances of winning in the MoC’s #DiamondRaceContest and ultimately in IAAF’s Fantasy Diamond Race, it is strongly recommended you take the following steps before Friday May 5th, 2017:


  1. Visit and click on Register
  2. When profile is created, Enter the MOC LEAGUE PIN – 3079896 on the right column titled ‘Join A League’ and click Join
  3. After you have been added to the MakingOfChamps league, log back in and click on the ‘My Team’ tab.
  4. On this page, locate and click ‘Create Team’. You will have to select 9 athletes in your team for each meeting here, one of which has to be your captain. To choose your athletes wisely, you can type in the name of any athlete HERE ( to see their profile, and view their progression in each of their events through the years



-Start making your team choices now by viewing the entry lists for the first two meets in Doha( )  and Shanghai ( )

this Friday and next Saturday respectively.

– Also keep an eye on the Meet Records for each event to see if any athletes you pick could break the Meet Record and get you Double Points. The Meet Records for Doha and Shanghai can be found at &



  • For each round of the IAAF Diamond League, you must select at least four male and four female athletes in your 9 athlete team.
  • Additionally, you must also select a captain, who scores doublethe points they would otherwise have won.
  • Your athletes will score you points based on their actual performance in the IAAF Diamond League.
  • Athletes will win 15 points every time they place first in an event final. They will receive 10 points for finishing as runner-up, 7 points for placing third, 5 points for fourth, 3 points for fifth, 2 points for 6th place, while each athlete who finishes an event will receive 1 point.
  • Athletes who do not start or finish their event will receive 0 points but athletes who are disqualified with be penalized with a -5 score.
  • You will only be allowed to select a maximum of two athletes from any one country.
  • In the event of a tie, the overall winner will be taken as the highest points scorer from the next diamond league meeting (between the tie-breakers). This process will continue until an eventual winner is found. Should there be a tie beyond the last meeting in Brussels the winner will be decided by the highest overall points scorer. If there is still a tie, the winners will be put into a random draw.
  • Athletes who achieve a Meeting Record will also receive double points in that event while anyone who sets a new World Record will earn triple points in that event.
  • It is possible to make unlimited substitutions to your team up to two hours before the scheduled start of any IAAF Diamond League meeting.
  • The best Fantasy Diamond Race player for each meeting will receive a signed bib from one of the competing athletes.
  • The player with the most points at the end of the 14 meetings will win the Fantasy Diamond Race.



– For each Diamond League Day

*The Top 3 players with the highest points in the MoC League will win N1,500, N1,000 & N500 worth of airtime for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places respectively.

– At the end of the 14 Diamond League Meets in September

**The overall Top 3 players on points in the MoC League  will win the following:

3rd – One Top Sprinter branded T-shirt

2nd – Two Top Sprinter branded T-shirts

1st – Three Top Sprinter branded T-shirts


Terms and Conditions

*The Airtime can only be redeemed to Nigeria-based phone numbers

**The overall prizes will be delivered anywhere in Nigeria.

Additional prizes may be announced during the course of the Diamond League season!

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