Rules for Top Sprinter Genesis Auditions in Benin, Bootcamp & Finals in Lagos

TOP-SPRINTER-BENIN---LAGOS-FACEBOOK-COVER Top Sprinter Genesis Benin Auditions and Lagos Bootcamp Finals are here!

For Athletes wishing to compete at the Benin Auditions (Sept 25/26th) or the Lagos Finals (Oct 1st-3rd)


– There will be THREE categories of competition for the Benin Auditions and Lagos Finals as follows:

1. SECONDARY SCHOOL CATEGORY – for any athlete who was still in Secondary School at the start of 2015 (anyone who finished secondary school in 2014 or before must compete in the Home-based OR Elite Category)

2. HOME-BASED CATEGORY – for ALL home-based athletes who left secondary school before 2015 AND have never competed for the Senior National Team for Nigeria.

3. ELITE CATEGORY – for ANY foreign-based athlete who wishes to attend OR any home-based athletes who have represented Nigeria at the Senior National Team level

Benin & Lagos are ALL-COMERS events where a total of over 200 Athletes will be fully sponsored by MoC!

Here are the RULES for both events and for sponsorship:

Both Benin Auditions and Lagos Finals are “All-Comers” events – that is, any Athlete who registers by email before the deadlines for each event will be welcome to compete. Making of Champions will fully sponsor (paying for your transport, accommodation and feeding) about 150 Athletes to the Benin Auditions and 80 Bootcamp Athletes to attend the Lagos Finals.

The Athletes who will be sponsored will be decided as follows:

– All the Athletes who received Bootcamp Tickets in Ibadan or Enugu, are expected to report for Lagos Bootcamp by Monday Sept 27th(details coming shortly) – you will be fully sponsored down to Lagos for 1 week, from Monday Sept 28th until Sunday Oct 4th.
Here is the list of Bootcamp Athletes and the teams they will be competing on

– Lagos Bootcamp Athletes are NOT invited to Benin. The Benin Auditions is only for Athletes that have not received a Bootcamp Ticket yet, or have not competed at any Top Sprinter Audition yet.

– Athletes who were in the Top 50 in Ibadan or Enugu but did not get a Bootcamp ticket yet, will have one last chance to be chosen for the Bootcamp, by competing at the Benin Auditions. Top 50 Athletes without a ticket will be fully sponsored down to Benin from Thursday Sept 24th until Sunday Sept 27th.

Here is the list of Athletes who made Top 50 from Ibadan and Enugu that will be fully sponsored to the Benin Auditions 

– The first 100 Athletes that REGISTER for the Benin Auditions that have never competed at any Top Sprinter Audition yet AND do not live in Benin will also be fully sponsored down to Benin from Thursday Sept 24th until Sunday Sept 27th.

**All other athletes who register after the first hundred may attend the Benin Auditions but will NOT be sponsored.

– The Top 50 Athletes at the Benin Auditions will be selected after the competition, and about THIRTY of them will be given the final Bootcamp Tickets for Lagos and will also be expected to report in Lagos immediately after Benin for Bootcamp by Monday Sept 28th, to prepare for the Lagos Finals from Oct 1st-3rd.

– The ONLY Athletes that will be sponsored down to Lagos are those that get Bootcamp Tickets!

In short, for those who do not have a ticket yet for Bootcamp, the last chance to get one will be at the Benin Auditions, so don’t miss it!REGISTER-NOW
*All Athletes for the Benin Auditions MUST REGISTER ONLINE on or before Monday Sept 21st to be on the startlist in Benin!
*All Athletes for the Lagos Finals MUST REGISTER ONLINE on or before Sunday Sept 27th to be on the startlist in Lagos!