Athletics (Track & Field)

Making of Champions: “The History”

In late 2012, independent filmmaker Bambo Akani started the journey of making this feature-length documentary after being tired of seeing Nigeria, blessed with so many people of natural athletic ability, return from the London 2012 Olympics with a sum total of ZERO medals – the first time Nigeria had not won an Olympic medal since Seoul ’88. In truth, the decline has been steady since the Sydney 2000 Olympics. That was the scene of the last of our 3 Olympic GOLD medals, in the 4x400m, a race in which Enefiok Udo-Obong ran an awesome anchor leg to overtake the Jamaicans and the Bahamians for the GOLD

The ultimate goal for this project is to awaken Nigerians to the vast potential we have in Track and Field, rekindle the interest for the sport, and start a movement that will enable Team Nigeria to once again compete with the best in the world! Why have we fallen so far? How can we get back to winning medals on the global stage? What does it take to Make Champions in Track and Field?

This documentary answers all these questions and more – join us on this journey that has taken us all over Nigeria – Lagos, Warri & Calabar – and literally half way across the world, to Portugal, Spain, the UK, the US, the Bahamas, and arguably the “Home of Champions” – Jamaica! This film captures Nigeria’s complete Olympic history in Athletics, and is a call to arms for all Nigerians everywhere to ensure that the legacy of heroes past is not lost forever in a sport in which Nigeria has limitless potential!