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Top 10 World Female Athletes in 2019 Part 1 (10-6)

The game of Track and Field isn’t exactly a game for contests between the sexes but realistically speaking, women have done incredibly well over...

Ese Brume wins Nigeria’s 1st World Championships medal in 6yrs!

Nigeria's Ese Brume delivered when it mattered most, leaping to Bronze on the final Day of the 2019 World Championships, jumping her best mark...

Team Nigeria guide to 2019 World Championships- Day 10

Here’s the full schedule of ALL Team Nigeria Athletes competing on DAY 9 (October 5th) at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, Qatar. You can catch this...

Miller-Uibo & Korir race to MRs at Birmingham Diamond League

Shauane Miller-Uibo maintained her winning streak in all her events this season, producing her trademark finish in the home straight to win a stacked...