Indiana Pacers produced an all-round impressive team display to defeat Houston Rockets who despite having James Harden dropping an astronomical 45pts, still ended up losing the match.

Victor Oladipo was at the heart of his team’s good showing and although he may not have top-scored for Pacers, he still dropped double digits in the match to help his team win by 108-104.

Rockets started out very well, leading after the 1st quarter by 4pts (33-29), but Pacers grabbed the 2nd quarter and were in the tie, until Harden started displaying alien-traits, sinking in 3s after 3s to take Houston 5pts up with 3mins left in the 3rd quarter.

That was when Oladipo stepped in to pivot his team back in the lead, making a 3pt shot, and when Harden sunk in another 3pts, the former responded with a back jump shot to cut the deficit.

The shooting guard further added another 4pts in the 4th quarter for Pacers, with his teammates chipping in with 25pts as they basically competed against Harden who alone made 16pts in this round.

Apart from the 16pts he made for Pacers, Oladipo had 6reb and 5ast in the game, and asides Harden (14), no other player attempted more outside shots than him (12).

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