Here’s the full schedule of ALL Team Nigeria Athletes competing on DAY 10 (August 13th) at the 2017 World Championships in London, United Kingdom. You can catch this LIVE on SuperSports 8, OR follow Making of Champions on any of our social media platforms for LIVE TWEETS on Twitter and POSTS on Facebook throughout the day.

Women’s 4x400m
8:55 pm –Final- Nigeria vs USA (Rio 2016 Olympic Champion) & Jamaica (Beijing 2015 World Champion)

Picks of the day

7.00pm – Men’s High Jump Final – Mutaz Barshim (World Leader) vs Bohdan Bondarenko (2013 World Champion)

7:35 pm – Women’s 5000m Final – Almaz Ayana (Beijing 2015 World Champion) vs Hellen Obiri (Rio 2016 Silver medallist).

8:10 pm – Women’s 800m Final – Caster Semenya (Rio 2016 Olympic Champion) vs Francine Niyonsaba (Rio 2016 Silver medallist) & Margaret Wambui (Rio 2016 Bronze medallist).

9:15pm- Men’s 4x400m Relay Final – USA (Beijing 2015 World Champion) vs Trinidad and Tobago (Beijing 2015 Silver medallist)





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