The 2016 Diamond League season is already coming to a close, with several players already standing tall on our League table.

Lausanne was the major determining factor at distinguishing the top players from the average players, with just two athletes in Genzebe Dibaba and Ayanleh Souleiman setting Meet Record’s (MR), thereby putting at risk players who didn’t pick either of them on their team.

Other top athletes such as Renaud Lavillenie, who was the choice captain for most players unfortunately finished 2nd which meant massive points drop.

On that note, here are the Day 11 Results for our #DiamondRaceContest in the MoC league.

There hasn’t been any change in the top two position, with our league leader R Sigma (Sigma Team) still maintaining his lead with 1873 points, while Deji Aliu (champ995 Team) is still in runner-up position with 1844 points. Abdulrahman Afeez (Growing up Team), is the surprise top climber accumulating a total of 1802 points to take the 3rd position.

League after Day 11 Lausanne DL

R Sigma fell the prey of choosing Lavillenie as Team Captain, but he was lucky enough to pick Dibaba as one of his players, thereby putting him on the lucky side to make up for the points lost by the Frenchman. He also had five other winners and one 2nd place finisher.

Deji Aliu also toed in the same line in the choice of his Captain, but didn’t pick Dibaba in his team, instead had six other winners and one 2nd place finisher.

Abdulrahman Afeez knocked xtopher Maduewesi off the 3rd spot just because, he was smart enough to pick Dibaba as his Team Captain. Then he had five other winners and two runner-up positions.

On the World League tables, Rudi Venter maintained his world lead position from London with 1935 points, while our league leader R Sigma is not enjoying a smooth run on the world table, being displaced from 11th to 14th.

Also our 2nd place player on the MoC league Deji Aliu, who enjoyed a top 20 position in London, is now 32nd in the world.

AIRTIME WINNERS for #DiamondRaceContest DAY 11

PLEASE NOTE: To redeem your prizes, kindly fill this form as airtime is only redeemable to Nigerian mobile numbers:

Enter your details so that we can contact you when you win.

There will be ₦3,000 Airtime available to the public each Diamond League Day, so who were the Top 3 finishers on Day 1 in the MoC League who are not MoC staff, and how will the Airtime be shared?

1st – Kevinogen Prince – 187 points

2nd – Abdulrahman Afeez Team  – 160 points

3rd – Kevin Osaremwinda – 160 points

The prizes for the Top 3 are ₦1500, ₦1000 & ₦500 Airtime respectively, to a phone number of your choice within Nigeria.

Top players will WIN the fantastic merchandise on offer to the public at the end of the Diamond League!

Good luck all, and may the best players win!

Funmi Fameso is a Junior Sports Writer at Making of Champions. She is a 2012 Graduate of Lagos State University, where she obtained a BSc in Microbiology. She worked as a Health Centre Laboratory Assistant during her NYSC year and since then she has worked as a Junior Sports Writer for her church’s youth magazine, Kingsword Youth Club Magazine. It was watching the Sydney 2000 Olympics that ignited her passion of sports, most especially Athletics. Sports means three things to her: Passion, Hard Work and Dedication!


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