The 2016 Olympic Games officially got underway with a colourful and glamorous opening ceremony held at the famous Maracaña stadium in Rio De Janeiro.

There were eye-catching moments in the over four-hour event which witnessed so many artistic and well choreographed displays, depicting the Brazilian history and culture.

From recreating how the Portuguese first arrived the shores of Brazil to the stunts showing how Rio De Janeiro grew to become a big metropolis.

Many world leaders from the French President François Hollande to the US secretary John Kerry, all came to cheer their respective countries during the Parade of Nations.

Countries selected their best and more established athletes to carry its flag into the Maracaña. USA had the most decorated Olympian in history, Michael Phelps as their flag-bearer, with Spain and Great Britain settling for Tennis stars, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray respectively. For a country like Nigeria, there weren’t many more deserving than six-time Olympian Funke Oshonaike to carry the green & white flag.

Both USA and China boast of big contingents to the Games, with the host nation Brazil, Australian and Great Britain also accounting for big numbers as well.

The opening closing ceremony was brought to an end after Brazilian marathoner Vanderlei Cordeiro received the Olympic torch and went up a few steps to light the cauldron which officially declared the Games open.


Photo Credit: Getty Images via Rio2016

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